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Christian Life Coaching with Jen

Helping you discover who you were created to be. Helping you heal from your past. Helping you be the mother you are called to be.

Do you need someone to walk alongside of you and speak into your life from a Christian perspective? Do you desire to have someone guide you in making the right decisions and to listen to your dreams? Or do you want to find freedom and healing from your past and ultimately, have that someone be a part of your life journey in finding your true identity in Christ?

Well, I would be honored to be that someone!

I would love to help encourage you on this journey to find true peace and happiness in the Lord. I can also help you with body image issues and obtain your fitness and nutritional goals as well. Or we can focus on your calling and help you get on the right track. 

My prayer is that I can help you to jump into whatever God has planned for your life.

Will you take that leap with me?



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